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a_tru_capricorn's Journal

29 December 1987
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This is my astrology journal. Yes, astrology is one of my secret geeky hobbies. I have been reading about it here and there for a few years and now I have the urge to write about it; to explore the 12 signs of the Western and Chinese zodiac and their interactions, Native American astrology, the history of astrology, etc.
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My interest is not so much horoscopes as much as it's the very signs themselves and the attributes that seem to come with each one; because more than likely, those attributes (some, if not all) really do figure into our personalities. This, to me, is fascinating and worth reading and writing about. And who knows, I may learn how to do a birth chart someday...
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Think about it: these seemingly "random" constellations are chosen and/or represented by certain animals, creatures, objects and elements are assigned a certain month or year (depending on which zodiac you're looking at) and no matter who it is, where they are or how old they are compared to others, these people all share the same attributes assigned to each "sign". The people who started this whole process where some how right... That is very intriguing to say the least.
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